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“You helped Tori and I immensely last spring as we planned our trip and enjoyed our GF stay in Spokane. I just wanted to let you know that Tori was inspired and finally built her own GF website for the Nor Cal Tri-Valley area. She was inspired by your site and we just can’t thank you enough.”     ~Allison

“Thank you for such a wonderful website! We are planning a move from Texas to Spokane. I am gluten free with Celiac Disease and was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find gluten free places to eat or food to buy. My husband found your site and I am ready to move!”     ~Pam

“I’m traveling to Spokane for a few days early this week and had no idea how I could make sure my gluten intolerant 4th grader would be able to stay away from gluten in Spokane.  Now I do – thanks to you.  I appreciate your efforts and am grateful you shared your experiences!”    ~Jill


Since 2009, Gluten Free Spokane has been your resource for everything related to gluten-free living in the Inland Northwest.  We review local restaurants and products so you always have the best information about gluten-free options at your fingertips for whatever you’re looking for: from breakfast to bakeries, fine dining to fast food, or the best place to get drinks, dessert, or to buy groceries.  We strive to make the site interesting and useful for anyone concerned about gluten, whether you’re a friend or family member of someone living gluten free or you have celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or are just trying to limit gluten or wheat in your diet.

In our restaurant and product reviews and stories, we take note of things like awareness of ingredients with gluten and cross-contamination issues, as well as for the quality and taste of food.  We also write regularly about other gluten-free lifestyle topics, from where to shop to new local products and gluten related health issues, and we share stories about local people and issues we hope will make living gluten free in Spokane easier, safer, and more fun.

The Celiac Disease Foundation estimates 1 in 133 people are affected by either a gluten intolerance or full blown celiac. The 2008 Census reported Spokane County’s population at 462,667 people, which based on the statistics means there are likely around 3,500 people in the greater Spokane area that are directly affected by this autoimmune disease. Let’s just assume those people are loved by at least one person and that number doubles to over 7,000 people. This does not include our North Idaho and northeast Washington friends which would nearly double that number again.  You get the picture.  We are in the midst of a boom in gluten-free foods and products and awareness and accommodation at restaurants as the demand for gluten-free choices grows.  We want this site to help build an even better and more conscious gluten free community here in the Inland Northwest!  If you have a suggestion for the site or a story or a restaurant or product you think we should review or highlight, we’d love to hear from you.

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Island Slaw Serving up g-f teriyaki.

Pig Out Gluten Free

This is the weekend where Spokane descends on Riverfront Park to eat all kinds of not-so-good-for-you foods. Large boats of curly fries and sausage dogs are consumed by the hundreds, if not thousands. Finding gluten-free options in the past has been more than trying, with the “what’s gluten?” response being heard more than one should …

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My mom's catch

Saranac Public House- Spokane Restaurant Week

When we walked into the Saranac Public House on a Wednesday night, our back-up plan after the first place we tried was booked up by other Spokane restaurant week (SRW) patrons, we were surprised to see every seat in the house full. After only a short wait, we found a spot and settled in to …

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flour-less chocolate almond cake

Italia Trattoria- Spokane Restaurant Week

We have been to Italia many times and love their lunches. What caught our eye about the Spokane Restaurant Week menu was the gluten-free ravioli as a main course choice. That’s one food item that has been off the list since going gluten free. So tonight was going to be a first in many years, …

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