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Spokane has a growing number of options for gluten free baked goods. Some are found in coffee shops and some are dedicated bakeries. Find your pleasure!

Boots Bakery & Lounge
Mostly gluten free (and vegan) cupcakes and cookies. Offerings include a variety of gluten free salads and drinks in the evening.

24 W. Main: Downtown Spokane – 509-703-7223.

Cannon Coffe & Cone
Local roasted Anvil coffee brewed to perfection, gluten free pastries fresh daily and Brain Freeze Ice Cream.
1925 West 4th Ave: Browne’s Addition. – Website

Local roasted Roast House coffee, and Carrot Cupcakes.
113 West Indiana: Spokane’s North Side. – Website

Fresh Abundance
Fresh baked breads and crackers daily.
2015 North Division: Downtown Spokane – Website

Michlitch’s Gluten Free Bakery
Spokane’s first gluten free bakery. Wide selection of breads, buns, and sweets.
130 North Stone: Spokane’s East Side. – Website

Rocket Market
Cakes and Muffins are delivered daily from a dedicated gluten free bakery. Rotating selection.
726 E. 43rd: Spokane’s Upper South Hill.

Rockwood Bakery
Peanut Butter Cookies made daily on separate equipment.
315 East 18th Ave: Spokane’s South Hill.

The Shop
Gluten Free items on the menu.
924 South Perry St: Perry Neighborhood – Website

Gluten Free Thursday’s include muffins, cakes and other rotating treats. Cakes to order call ahead for special orders. 180 South Howard: Downtown Spokane. 509.468.2929 - Website

White Box Pies
Gluten free cakes, pies, pastries, and breads. Call ahead for special orders.
28 East Sharp: Downtown Spokane.

Wild Sage
Baked breads and rolls to order. Call or stop by for an order form.
916 W. 2nd Ave: Downtown Spokane
509.456.7575. – Website


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