Spokane’s gluten free dining scene has taken off over the past couple years.  Many restaurants now offer gluten-free entrees and appetizers and make the effort to identify them on their menu.  Some restaurants even have a separate gluten free menu.  Server and chef awareness of gluten sources and cross-contamination issues has also increased significantly. There are now so many restaurant choices in the Spokane area for people looking for gluten free options that the toughest thing is deciding where you want to go.  We hope this local guide to eating out gluten free will make that process easier and more fun!

Gluten Free Spokane Restaurant Rating System: We all know the restaurant rating system by stars. Our rating system draws attention to a few things we think make a restaurant stand out in the gluten free world:

1. ”M” = Menu: An “M” rating means the restaurant identifies gluten free items on their menu or they have a separate GF menu, or any written indication of gluten free items available.

2. “XCA” = Cross Contamination: An “XCA” rating indicates a high level of awareness of cross contamination and care in the kitchen to avoid.

3. “V” = Value: A “V” rating highlights high value for the price—basically the quality of ingredients, portion size, culinary creativity and taste you get for your buck!


These restaurants have trained their staff on gluten free protocols and procedures.



Rusty Moose
9105 W. Highway 2: Airway Heights - Website
M/XCA/V – Review Coming Soon


These restaurants have been reviewed by Gluten Free Spokane.


Agave Latin Bistro
830 West Sprague Ave: Downtown Spokane – Website

Anthony’s Restaurant
510 North Lincoln: Downtown Spokane – Website
M/XCA/V – Review

Boots Bakery & Lounge
24 W. Main: Downtown Spokane – 509-703-7223
M/XCA/V – Review

Central Food
Kendall Yards, Spokane – 509-315-8036
XCA/V – Review

1414 North Hamilton- Gonzaga District – Website
M/XCA/V – Review

Italia Trattoria
114 South Cannon St: Browne’s Addition – Website
M/XCA/V – Review

1235 South Grand: Spokane’s South Hill – Website
M/V – Review

Main Market Deli
44 West Main Ave: Downtown Spokane – Website
XCA – Review

Manito Tap House
3011 South Grand Blvd: Spokane’s South Hill – Website
M/XCA/V – Review

Noodle ExpressWebsite
7514 N Division St (Spokane’s North Side)
707 N Sullivan Rd (Spokane Valley)
3960 E Mullan Ave (Post Falls, ID)
M/V- Review

Red Dragon
1406 West 3rd Ave: Downtown Spokane
3011 East Diamond: Hillyard Neighborhood
M/XCA/V – Review

Red Robbin Website
725 W. Main Ave. (Downtown Spokane)
9904 N. Newport Hwy. (Spokane’s North Side)
14736 E. Indiana Ave. (Spokane Valley Mall)
1501 W. Riverstone Dr. (Coeur d’Alene, ID)
M/XCA/V - Review

Rock City Grill
808 West Main: Downtown Spokane – Website
M/V- Review

Sante Restaurant & Charcuterie
404 West Main Ave: Downtown Spokane – Website
M/XCA/V – Breakfast Review - Dinner Review 

Stella’s Cafe
917 West Broadway: Downtown Spokane – Website
XCA/V – Review

Taco Del Mar - Website
12501 SR 395 N: Spokane’s North Side
XCA/V - Review

Taste Cafe
108 South Howard: Downtown Spokane – Website
M/XCA/V – Savory Review

Tomato Street Spokane
6220 North Division: Spokane’s North Side – Website
M/V – Review

Twigs Bistro - Website
808 West Main (River Park Square, Downtown Spokane)
4320 South Regal (Spokane’s South Hill)
401 E. Farwell (Spokane’s North Side)
14728 E Indiana (Spokane Valley Mall)
M/XCA/V – Review

White Box Pies
28 East Sharp: Downtown Spokane – Website
M/XCA/V – Review

Wild Sage Bistro
916 West 2nd Ave: Downtown Spokane – Website
M/XCA/V – Review

Wolf Creek Steakhouse
104 South Freya: Spokane’s Eastside – Website
V – Review

Vien Dong
1730 East Sprague: Spokane’s International District – Website
XCA / V – Review

Review Coming Soon:

Ambrosia Bistro and Wine BarWebsite
9211 East Montgomery

Bonsai Bistro
101 East Sherman, Cd’A- Website

EJ’s Garden Bistro
1928 W. Pacific: Browne’s Addition

501 East 30th Ave: Spokane’s South Hill

Hugo’s on the Hill
3023 East 28th Ave: South Hill- Website

Italian Kitchen
113 North Bernard: Downtown Spokane  -Website

102 South First Avenue: Sandpoint, ID - Website

512 East Holland: Northside - Website

245 West Main Ave: Downtown Spokane - Website

Maggies South Hill Grill
2808 East 29th Ave: Spokane’s South Hill:  - Website

214 North Howard: Downtown Spokane - Website

The Onion - Website
302 W. Riverside (Downtown Spokane)
7522 N. Division (Spokane’s North Side)

Palm Court
10 S. Post Street: Downtown Spokane in the Davenport Tower - Website

Picabu Bistro
901 West 14th: Spokane’s South Hill - Website

Post Street Ale House
808 West Sprague: Downtown Spokane - Website

Queen of Sheba- Ethiopian Cusine
Flour Mill: Downtown Spokane - Website

8909 West Airport Drive: Ramada Inn across from the airport.

1007 West 1st Ave: Downtown Spokane - Website

Steelhead Bar and Grille
218 North Howard: Downtown Spokane -Website

Stix Bar & Grill
9820 N. Nevada: Spokane’s North Side - Website

Vintages 611
611 E. 30th: Spokane’s South Hill – Website

Chain Restaurants:

Boston’s Pizza
14004 East Indiana: Spokane Valley – Website

Old Spaghetti Factory
152 South Monroe St: Downtown Spokane – Website

Outback Steakhouse - Website
5628 N. Division Street (Spokane’s North Side)
14746 East Indiana (Spokane Valley Mall)
1381 Northwood Center Ct (Coeur d’Alene, ID)

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro - Website
801 West Main Ave: Downtown Spokane

Qdoba Mexican “fast” food – Website
901 Grand Blvd. (Spokane’s South Hill)
7115 N. Division (Spokane’s North Side)
1527 North Pines Road (Spokane Valley)
204 A Ironwood (Coeur d’Alene, ID)

The Melting Pot
707 West Main Ave: Downtown Spokane – Website



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