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Serving up celiac safe pizza might be one of the hardest things for restaurants to tackle. Some establishments may have met the demand for gluten free crust, but not all have taken the necessary steps to avoid cross-contamination and make sure their pizza is safe for celiacs.

*This list is the first edition of a comprehensive guide to the greater Spokane region’s gluten-free pizza options.  The list includes places that serve up “Celiac Safe” pies as well as “Sensitive Safe” pizza places that offer gluten-free ingredients but may not be totally safe for people with celiac disease. Eating at a restaurant always has its risks for people with food allergies, but we’re sure that this guide will help you find the right place to satisfy your pizza craving without sacrificing your health! Although we have had conversations with these pizza joints, and have tested many of them, cross contamination can occur at any time, despite a restaurants best efforts.

Celiac Safe List

Adelo’s Take Out
This place takes celiac seriously. They are the only Spokane pizza restaurant that has achieved accreditation through the National GIG (Gluten Intolerance Group).  Need we say more?
9021 N Indian Trail Road – North Spokane
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This seems to be one of the best restaurants in town for those with celiac. The dedicated prep area, materials and serving dishes helps well trained staff to make sure there is no cross contamination. The cost is a bit more and the crust is a bit thin, but they make up for it in the awareness category. They have Redbridge gluten free beer to wash it down.
14004 E.Indiana - Spokane Valley (mall parking lot)
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Coach’s (previously Buck’s)
A lengthy conversation with the owner, Mark, decidedly put this location on the celiac safe list. He is quick to jump into the list of ways they take precautions to not cross contaminate, including two separate pans for the gluten-free pizza, a dedicated paddle to get it out of the oven and it’s own cutter. They will soon offer gluten-free sub subs, all for pick up or delivery. They are using Fusion Flours as well, but in the larger 14″ size (all gf is a $3 up-charge).
13221 East 32nd Ave – Spokane Valley
509-922-2626 – Review Coming Soon

Fusion Flours Take & Bakery
We think the take and bake pizza at fusion flours is hands-down the best pizza in Spokane. Not just the best gluten free pizza. Thick dough, and loaded toppings makes this a two slice meal. Available in two sizes, 12′ and 10″, they offer speciality pizzas, and create your own. While you are there, grab a loaf of bread, buns, scones or other baked goods as available. 
120 E. Wellesley – Across from Sears at Northtown Mall
– (509) 217-1610 – Review Coming Soon

A local Italian restaurant near Gonzaga University serves up pizza on Fusion Flours, a local gluten-free flour crust. The trained staff is knowledgeable about ingredients and  cross-contamination elimination methods. They also make their pasta and sandwiches gluten free. Geno’s has yet to order a gluten-free beer, but has cider and cocktails.
1414 N. Hammilton – Gonzaga District
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Mackenzie River Pizza Co.
With a dedicated gf menu, and locations all over the Northwest, this place is paying attention. They have a disclaimer on the menu cautioning people that it is a shared work area in the kitchen, but make great efforts to keep gluten-free items seperate from potential sources of contamination.
9925  N. Nevada – Spokane’s Northside
2910 E. 57th Ave, Suite E – Spokane’s South Hill
405 W. Canfield – Coeur d’Alene
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Perry Street Pizza
Locally owned Perry Street Pizza is great about keeping their pizza away from other wheat crust pizzas. Each gf pizza has it’s own pan in the open brick oven, where the non-gf pizzas sit on the open stone. They also have a hummus plate,  gluten free beer and don’t up-charge for gluten free.
1011 S. Perry – Lower South Hill
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Pizza Rita
A local pizza factory that delivers gf pies. We have heard from those that are super sensitive that Pizza Rita is safe and delicious. After a long chat with the owner, we feel confident they are thinking about allergies when they make each gf pizza. It’s made in a separate pan, and all toppings are gluten free. A dedicated pizza cutter is kept out of gluten’s way so each pie is as gluten free as it gets! As usually, make sure you communicate your need for gf when ordering.
502 West Indana – Mid Town for Delivery (Order Online)
5511 North Wall – Northside Delivery (Order Online)
201 North Pines – Valley Delivery (Order Online)
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Rock City Grill
In the heart of Downtown Spokane, Rock City Grill boasts one of the most complete gluten-free menus. The celiacs in the kitchen make sure the pizza is cared for from ticket to table. Gluten-free beer and desserts complete the experience.
808 W. Main – Downtown Spokane, River Park Square
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Second Avenue Pizza
The menu lists rice crust and soy cheese, without an extra charge! The owner loves to tell you about the precautions they take, including cutting it on it’s own cardboard surface with a dedicated pizza cutter. Make sure to ask for the mozzarella ball, rather than the grated mozzarella, as the owner is sure the anti-caking containes gluten. They also offer a gluten free beer.
215 S. Second Ave- Sandpoint
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Long established in the gluten free world, they have started offering pizza on Fusion Flours large crusts with delicious toppings. The dedicated gluten free pizza menu is the only one we have encountered so far and makes it easy and so nice to be able to pick anything that sounds good off the menu. There is an up-charge, about $6 depending on the pizza.
4320 S. Regal – Spokane’s South Hill
401 E. Farwell – Spokane’s North Side
14728 E. Indiana – Spokane Valley Mall
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Sensitive Safe List

This location offers a gluten-free crust and takes some precautions, such as sending your pizza through the oven in its own washed pan. If cross-contamination is a concern, ask them to use a clean pizza cutter or to leave your pie uncut. Not all staff may be very knowlegable about toppings or sauce ingredients either. You might even get the “what’s gluten?” question, as it seems the staff may still be getting acquainted with their new gluten-free menu.
1426 S. Lincoln – Spokane’s South Hill
9025 N. Indian Trail Rd

This unique cellar restaurant is great place to cool off on a hot summer night, or cozy up in the winter. They offer a gluten-free crust, though it’s in the same oven as the regular crust. GF beer in cold bottles, and full bar make this a destination to try.
110 S. Monroe St. – Downtown Spokane
509-838-4610  - Website – Review Coming Soon

After reading articles about the Domino’s gluten free crust controversy (just google it), it’s pretty clear this pizza is not safe for celiacs. What they have done right is provide an honest and complete statement about what is going on in their kitchen and that celiacs should probably stay away.  Game on for Domino’s lovers who don’t have serious allergies.

This restaurant has come a long way since our original review (an experience that inspired this site back in 2009). The gluten-free pizza options are marked on the regular menu, but we need to do more research about what they’re doing in the kitchen to avoid cross-contamination. Back when we were eating gluten, this was one of our favorite Spokane restaurants.  It’s right downtown in a beautiful historic building with lots of character and a great bar. If you have had their pizza, and have more information, please let us know.
125 S. Wall – Downtown Spokane

Flying Goat
The “Goat” hits the spot for deluxe pizza toppings and creative combinations. The crust is gluten free, but they put it directly on the surface of the oven, along with the gluten pizza. With just a few steps, they could make this a gluten-free destination. Until then, the people who can handle a bit of contamination should be the only people enjoying their delicious pizzas.
3318 W. Northwest Blvd – Downriver Neighborhood
Website – Review Coming Soon

Their extensive menu is enticing, but a phone call to Lalo’s assures us that they are not for the celiac crowd. They start with a warning, that flour is everywhere, though they do take care to wipe the cutting blade before slicing up the gluten-free pie.
909 S. Grand – Spokane’s South Hill
Website – Review Coming Soon

Northwest Pizza Company
Formerly Garlic Jim’s, Northwest Pizza Company still offers the same menu and gluten free options for customers. In addition to pizza, they also have bbq ribs and wings. Our readers report the attention to cross contamination went out with the previous name.
405 W. Nider – Coeur d’ Alene
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South Perry Pizza – Veggie