Spokane Restaurant Week- Gluten Free

Spokane Restaurant Week is new to Spokane but the idea of rallying people to try new local restaurants has been around for a while and is widely poplar in other big cities like Seattle and San Francisco. Spokane Restaurant Week kicks off February 22 and continues through March 3. Judging by the response from participating restaurants we’ve talked to about gluten-free options, this culinary event should be great opportunity for those of us with gluten dietary restrictions to try some new restaurants that might not be one of your go-to gluten-free standards. As of writing this there are 53 participating restaurants and at least 13 have a gluten free menu. Considering the event is 10 day’s long, you can hit at least one a day!

Here’s how it works: each menu is pre-set (see below) and offered for either $18 or $28 for three courses. Some restaurants have more than one choice in each of the three courses, but most places only have one gluten free option in each category. As always, make sure to confirm gluten free and let them know your allergy or celiac so they can pay close attention in the kitchen.

We have looked through the menu’s online, made some phone calls, and tracked down more than one chef to help give you a better idea where to head for the best gluten-free Spokane Restaurant Week options. We are excited to hit a few of our regular favorites, but even more excited to try a few new places we’ve been curious about.

For each restaurant listing below, we highlight the choice for appetizer, main entrée then dessert. For more information about each restaurant, click the link to head out to the Spokane Restaurant Week website.


Were giving special attention to these first six restaurants that went to the effort to include a gluten free option on their Restaurant Week menu. This is a good sign that they take gluten free seriously, and are more likely to avoid cross contamination and unfortunate ingredient mix-ups:­­


With one of Spokane’s most extensive gluten free menus, this place is a sure bet.
Rusty Moose $28
Cesar salad or Lodge salad
Black Magic Steak or Cedar Plank Salmon
Creme Brulee


Spokane’s best Italian food, and please notice the house made gf raviolis. This is a great opportunity to try Italia if you haven’t already.
Italia Trattoria $28
Mini polenta lasagna
House made gluten free raviolis
Pot de crème


I’ve been waiting to try Clover, and this menu looks like a great opportunity to give them a try.
Clover $28
Ceasar Salad (minus crutons), the Clover Salad or the Tomato Bisque
Stuffed Chicken Breast or Grilled Salmon
Crème Brulee


One of the first restaurants to list their gluten free items, although make sure you ask about the Chineese Lacquered Pork; we were unable to verify the hoisin sauce is gf.
Saranac Public House $18
Polenta or Chinese Lacquered Pork
Jalapeno Glazed Salmon
Panna Cotta


Top on our list of gluten-free restaurants in Spokane, this is a great one to try some new tastes!
Manito Tap House $28
Balsamic-infused Grape & Goat Cheese Tart
Black Boar Truffle Risotto
Chef’s Choice Crème Brulee


Just a quick trip out near the airport! This is on our list of places to try.
Remington’s Ramada $18
Soup or salad (hold the croutons)
Pepper crusted Jack Daniels New York Steak or Sweet Hickory Chicken & Shrimp or Lemon Pepper Swai Fish
Not yet listed, a gf dessert will be available.


These two restaurants have confirmed gluten free options, but have yet to mark them “gluten free” on the website:

The Steelhead is always good for a plate of nachos, but this full menu is a great price and worth the try.
Steelhead Bar & Grille $18
Mixed green salad with wasabi vinaigrette
Burbon Glazed Steelhead or Wiskey & Shitake Grilled Salmon
They are working on making a special gf dessert.


We have tried Central Food a few times, and they serve up some amazing dishes. They are also becoming famous for their wheat bread, so if you’re super sensitive to gluten, watch out for the flying crumbs (no joke).
Central Food $28
Thai Beef Carpaccio
Idaho Sturgeon
Curry Chocolate Cake


These next few were happy to confirm gluten-free options, but without one of the three course options or modifications to make a complete dinner possible:

Herbal Essence Café $18
Yucutan Chicken Tostadas or the Hummus Platter
House Salad or Caesar Salad
Seafood Baked Salmon


Casper Fry $28
Bib Lettuce Garden Salad
Josper Roasted ½ Chicken
Not on the menu, but they are willing to sub in the Peach crème brule.


Downriver Grill $28
salad minus croutons
steak gf upon request
no dessert.


Clinkerdagger $28
Salad (hold croutons, ask for separate bowl)
Rock Salt Roasted Prime Rib or Hazelnut Salmon (with modifications)
Burnt Cream


Mustard Seed $18
Green beans or Thai Ceasar Salad can be made gf (make sure to tell them you are gf)
Regular Osaka is on the menu, but they have a special version gf upon request. The Chicken Pad Thai Noodles are always gf.
They don’t offer a gluten free dessert on the special menu, but they do have a gf dessert on the regular menu.


These restaurants have a regular gluten free menu, but we were unable to confirm gluten free options for Spokane Restaurant Week. Check out the menus on the links and let us know what you find out!


Anthony’s at Spokane Falls $28


Twigs, All locations: $18


Max at Mirabeau $28


Rock City Grill $28


Luigis Italian Restaurant $28


MacKenzi River Pizza, Grill & Pub $18


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