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Pilgrim’s Market- Coeur d’Alene

Graham Crackers and Animal Crackers

I am sure anyone in north Idaho who doesn’t eat gluten knows about Pilgrim’s Market. When I lived on the Idaho side of the state line, the store was much smaller. I worked at the coffee stand across the street, and when I tired of Costco muffins, cookies or bagels, I would close-up shop and …

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Anthony’s Restaurant


My mother and I are alike in more ways than we can count. We laugh alike, we have to be careful not to wear the same fleece and we share most of the same music. But we are two totally different people when it comes to food.  Her main food choices come from the grain …

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I owe a few people in my life right now, for many things, but mostly for my bamboo floors. When I purchased this house two years ago, it did not have much character. The bathroom was disgusting. The trim had been textured and every inch of the house was the same beige-pink-blah color. It had …

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